Jamaa Journal Vo. 202.2 Wild Weekand!

Hey Jammers! I'm sorry for the late post, the reason why it is late is because: In the morning, for our school, me and my siblings weeded the garden, once we were done with that, we got to go swimming in the river!
Which was super duper fun :D Then once we were done swimming, we took showers/baths, ate lunch, then we went to the library, and I got a cool notebook, m&ms and some weird sticker things with my Book Bucks, because there is an event at my library where basically if you read 15 minutes a day (It started in June) for ever 3 days (I think it was 3 days) you would receive a Book Buck! Which you can use to buy little trinkets such as balloons, erasers, pencils, candy, little plastic (or rubber) frogs and snacks, squirt guns, stuff like that :D
And there was candy of course, in August there is a "Reading Carnival" which is really fun and you use your Book Bucks to enter games and win prizes (There is always a bouncy house too :D) Sooo yeah! It was fun :P And then after that, we got home, had to clean up because a person was coming to take a bed, so I spent like 2 hours cleaning XD Once I was done, Animal Jam wasn't working so I played Minecraft with my siblings, then we went to a soft ball game at 5:00, and I just got home from that, like 15 minutes ago, so my day has been eventful :P
Today, is another Wild Weekend!

<-- From the Daily Explorer :P
Beta party is back! The party hasn't changed but the items have..
Phto Credit Animal Jam Whip
Photo credt Animal Jam Whip
I hate that fence sooo much, I brought a lot of it,  because I thought it looked amazing! But you can't rotate it, which makes me sooo mad!  GRRR AJHQ

Welllll that is all for now, sorry for the short post guys :P Its really late, and  I want to play Animal Jam (Or minecraft) Byeee!



  1. Okay, aj should have at least let us rotate the items.

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