Green Lawn Chair, Summer Carnival Storage Theory and Secret Item in Sol Arcade Den

Hey guys! It's Penguin here and I'm back for another Saturday post. There are a few interesting things I have to share with you today!
Let's get into the updates. The new item is available at Jam Mart Furniture. It has a really good price, too!
While at the Summer Carnival, I took a closer look at the boxes in the center. I realized that they have symbols on them. In the past, I have made multiple theories on them. Today, I have another theory! If you look closely at each box, the symbols represent something from the Carnival.
Each symbol could represent what the box/chest/bag/crate holds. In fact, these all might just be for storage. That's my new theory- that this is a Storage area for the Summer Carnival. Finally, along with the new update, a den was put on display. (You can access it through the Epic Dens list.) If you go to the bottom left, you'll spot an Antique Lamp. Click on it, then it is possible to purchase.

I hope this helped!
I don't have anything else to share in this post, so it is now over. Hopefully you all enjoyed! I'll see you in my next post.


  1. I. Love. That. Lamp.
    Hm, do I see a panda on that bag? wonder what that means :o

  2. Great post!

    Man, I missed the last hidden item in the den... Oh well XD

    - Arctic

  3. I never realized they had a different symbol on them.


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