Short post, Party times.

Hey everyone, Aj has pretty stopped working for us. .... 
I'm going to ask my Dad about it tonight, hopefully he can fix it, if not, hopefully the computers fix it themselves. 
If not, we will hardly be able to be on AJ. 
Now, most of you know, I am planing to have a party early August, there is one computer working for AJ right now. 
I am hoping that one lasts for another month. if it doesn't, and my dad can't fix the computers. I might have to cancel the party! D: 
And sense AJ is hardly working, this post will be short. 
I need to ask some of you guys something, in case the party 
Right now, I am planing to have the party, either on August 5th, or August 12th. 
Tell me which day, and time, works best for you. 
Most people, that I have talked to, have answered the 12th in the afternoon. 
SO, so far the party is going to be on the 12th, but still please comment what works better!

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