Wood Burning Stove!

Greetings! Once again, this post is late due to technology problems, my apologies!

Today in the Land of Jamaa we have a new item! This new item is sold in Jam Mart Furniture for 550 gems. I bring you, the wood stove! I love these! In fact, my grandparents have one, and it is so much cooler than regular stoves! Anywho, I would say this is a great item.

Let's see how it looks in a den!

Not bad, not bad. If you like this item, be sure to buy one today!

And now it is time for the factual part of this post!

Our word of the day:

Eloquence: Fluent and beautiful speech or writing.

I try to make my speech eloquent, though often times I end up being perceived as strange for it >.<

Our fact of the day:

To burn of the calories from one single M&M candy, you must walk the distance of a full football field.

Just... Wow...


That is all for today folks! See you on Friday, and good smarts!

You can contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com

1 comment:

  1. I agree. The stove looks cool! It sorta fits nature because you see these kind of stoves in cabins. ^.^ And....




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