Fall Wreath and Jammer Sundae #11


Today is a fine day for a number of reasons, and one of those reasons is because today is Sunday, meaning Jammer Sundaes! But before we are able to get to that, we must discuss what is happening in Jamaa!

AJHQ has introduced a new item to us today. Sold for 350 gems in Jam Mart Furniture, I bring you the Fall Wreath! Finally something that looks good that is non member! It has been too long since AJHQ decided to make the last non member item. I suppose that it is a fall wreath because The Night of the Phantoms is over, and the Feast of Thanks is to begin soon!

And now it is time for:

Ducky come back! I didn't mean to hurt your feelings!

Now isn't this just the cutest thing? How could you say no?

This is just... Just... Alright then...

Why animals look the way they do:

That brings an end to this week's Jammer Sundae.
Now for the factual part of the post:

Our word of the day: 

Gallimaufry: a jumble of diverse things.

I'm going to have to use this one sometime!

Finally, our fact of the day:

Bubble wrap was first invented as a new type of wallpaper.

I wonder who first got the idea to use it as shipping material!

Good Smarts!

Something to say? Feel free to contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com


  1. YAY great post again Articstar!

  2. I like the Fall Wreath. By the way, cool blog!

  3. It's cool having a blog, isn't it?

  4. Visit out my blog at http://animaljamdigs.blogspot.com/
    I changed my background to Autumn Theme

  5. On Animal Jam Spirit, more people comment then here. I go on AJS, it's cool

  6. By the way, we ins't anyone here?

  7. Then, See ya later AJC Authors.

  8. Hello Makou,

    In response to all your comments:

    Thanks! Pumaa and Slidoo work hard to keep this blog running, and they are doing a great job, aren't they?
    I agree, it is great to be part of a blog!
    The AJ Digs is a nice blog, keep up the good work!
    I agree, the Animal Jam Spirit is a great blog, but it is a very "high traffic" blog as well. At the Animal Jam Community we usually just comment on the topic of the post, not use the commenting widget as a chatroom (which is what has become of the AJS). Thus, there are not many people here all the time, constantly checking for new comments. Those who wish to chat with others typically use the forums!

    Have a great day Makou, and thanks for the comments!

    1. In my opinion that's sort of a cheating way to get views. People visit to chat, not to read the blog. AJC has historically gained most of it's views from cheat posts and guides, and most of it's viewers come directly from Google. So, as a result, not many comments.

    2. Based on the daily views, I'd estimate a few hundred people check daily for updates, the rest come from Google


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