Turkey Hat, Winners and Waterfalls

Heyo! It's mldriver here!

We have completed the Salon Set (thank zios), and now we will receive Thanksgiving items! Yay!
The new item is the Turkey Hat, Sold in Jam-Mart Clothing.

I think is item is very cute. But, I don't think I will be wearing this anytime soon.

Also, we have the winners to the tiny giveaway! 

The winner is...


Congrats! You won the blue shag carpet, and the phantom! Tell me your Animal Jam user so I can send the items! 

For the last part of the post, I will be talking about the Sky Kingdom! 

Did you know in the Sky Kingdom, you can slide down the waterfalls? Just like the slides! So, what you do, is go up to the waterfall. 

Make sure you have a life jacket on! And then go down the fall.

Woot Woot! Such fun! 

And I want to say, that I will be hosting a segment, everyday for writing a story! This will start on Tuesday. This is for all you Jammers out there with stories to tell! If there are enough Jammers writing, I may show your comment! 

Well, that's it for today Jammers! See you in Jamaa!

Contact me at: mldriver.jamaa@gmail.com


  1. Woo! Thanks, Mldriver! Now I can still write stories even without commenting on the AJS (I can't comment there if you didn't know and there's too much spam).


  2. Oh YAY i won!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately i am non member. My animal jam user is samnuhi1 and blanjam. I also made a new jammer account called blanjamster but it wont show. So ya in samnuhi1 i am non member same with blanjam but on blanjam im getting membership in January. You should probably trade the item on samnuhi1.

    1. put some things u dont want on trade, and she can trade it to you! btw my Aj user is awesome panda Bunny i made another account called awesome panda Bunnyv2 (no spaces)

  3. You know most of his comments were not even about the history. Sorry but I think my friend warrior cat20049 should win but that's my opinion.
    ***yay I rock 74643

  4. Congratulations!!! Many happy wishes to you! ^.<

  5. I read ALL of blanjam's comments, and most of them were spams, so I don't know how he won...... most of his comments were not even like "hmm I have never thought about that but I have a different theory". they were like "i rlly want to wun the contest!".


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