Rare Item Monday!

Greetings! I suppose you are sick of my posts by now,but never fear! Mldriver will be posting again tomorrow!

As you are well aware of by now, today is Monday, which means a new item is to be introduced to us today, and sold today only! And what do we have today?

Ah, it seems that the ajinsider's leaked image was of this week's rare! I don't have a lot of complaints about this rare, apart from the usual: "too expensive" "members only". This item's colors are not that bad either. Black with white makes the item looks sparkly- not bad! Good job AJHQ!

Next, on to the factual part of our post!

Our word of the day:

Risible: Causing laughter; humorous.

Nice word! It is about time I found a replacement for the words: "That's funny"!

Finally, our fact of the day:

The average person has 1460 dreams per year, many of which we are unable to remember.

Cool stuff! Isn't it great that we are all able to slowly expand our knowledge?

Good Smarts!

Something to say? Feel free to contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com


  1. OMG, that was the one you posted on one of the post! How you know it was da item?

    1. Alright just joking! To be honest, I have no idea! It is mldriver who finds them :D

  2. good work on your posts. Keep it up, don't give up

    1. Thanks! Keep up the good work on your blog as well!

  3. I enjoy reading these words and facts of the day. Learning something new! ^.^ lol

    And I didn't view this blog from my computer for a while. It's so different! :o Love the background! c;

    1. I agree, I love learning new things- knowledge is power! Isn't the new style nice?


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