Salon Magazine Table and Item Spotlight #10

Hi Jammers! Welcome to another post! 

The new item today, is another item from the Hair Salon set. 

Buy this in Jam-Mart Furniture
Oops! It looks like I need to get some more gems, That's the lowest I had in a year! I don't care for the salon items. Animal Jam is letting me down everyday, because I get up, all happy to see the item. And it's a salon item I can't afford. I really, really, really, want Headdresses to come back. 

Anyways, let us get onto Item Spotlight!

Item Spotlight:

This week's Item Spotlight, is the stone wall. I have no idea why I picked this. It just looks interesting, and the fact that it never came back in stores is odd. It was in Jam-Mart Furniture for a short time. There was the Stone Wall, and I believe if you changed the color, there was a Stone Floor or something. I just never see it on trade. Not in people's den, nothing! Very odd. It's a forgotten item of Animal Jam. (p.s. I am going to start posting videos instead of Item Spotlight, next week, just to try it.)

That's it for today Jammers! See you in Jamaa!
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  1. Cant wait to see u in jamaa! also, i look forward to seeing your videos!

  2. Nice post! I like that stone wall- I have never seen or heard of it though! I am with you on the salon items. They all seem far too "human". What happened to all the Feast of Thanks items we are supposed to be getting everyday?

  3. I know! (it is me from before) It should be ANIMALS not PEOPLE
    And i like it too!

  4. Poor wall -- it's so forgotten! My best friend uses them all the time in her den. She's the only person I know who does. =P


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