Wolves Only Party

Hey Jammers!
Along with yesterday's update, a new party came! It is called the Wolves Only Party, and, (obviously), only wolves are allowed in. It is a remodel of the Volcano Den, which conveniently came durring the last Luck Day in March 2011.
The top of this room is slightly different then in a Volcano Den:
You can turn red if you stand next to the lava on right:
You can turn a solid red color if you cover yourself with mud in Appondale or chocolate in a Gingerbread House Den, and then stand beside the lava.

You can also have a mini-moon next to you if you click on the big moon at the top:
There is also a version of The Claw on the right of the bottom floor where you win 100% Wolf Plushies:
And, in my opinion, the best part of this party is the awesome shop!
Here are the items that are currently sold there:

I really like this party! It is unique, and has some pretty awesome den items in the store! Tell me what you think in the comments!

Jam On!

~Geckoguy, Animal Jam Community Author


  1. I wish I was at that party right now it looks so fun! my user name is GoofyGirl123

  2. Hey, this isn't about this post, but I would like my blog featured on TheSlidoo's Blogrolls.

    My blog is:


    Animal Jam Parks


  3. LightningStar60 here! those wolf parties are so fun! kind of creepy, like the wolf is a secrative animal, but it's neat that it is a volcano den on steroids. the items are so cool! i stalk up on them for my volcano den. i just wish i could buy the music though, like how they did on the Lucky Party.

  4. TheSlidoo PLEASE BE MY BUDDY I AM HAIBUT i know its a funny name but thets my user name

  5. Hey geckoguy thx for being my buddy ppl keep on following me now though and its kinda creepy.


  6. Hey geckoguy can u be rustysmom's buddy???

  7. Cool I just got a wolf and this party rocked


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