I'm Back and Phantom In Ice Item

Hi jammers!
I, Slidoo, am back from Chile in South America! It was really fun there, and there were lots of friendly stray dogs running around with the people! Anyways, I'm back to posting and I'd like to thank Geckoguy for doing all the posting while I was gone.
Today after checking my ridiculous amount of mail from when I was away, I found an item which didn't seem to have been posted, so I'm assuming it came out today. The item is the Phantom In Ice, and can be purchased in Jam Mart Furniture.
This certainly is a unique item for any icy den, especially if you have a phantom theme in your den! What are your thoughts?


PS: I'll have a poll up for you to vote for a new website design later today or tomorrow!


  1. LightningStar60 here! and it's cool your back! anyways my thoughts on that poor phantom is he frozen in there or can he move? i dont have one yet, but im sure 2 get one1 my freind loves phantoms!

  2. Woah, Chile? I don't think I ever saw this. o.o

  3. Who cares. The phantoms are evil.

  4. I find the phantoms really cute though!

  5. do you know any codes


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