Rare Monday: Scary Cat Hat

Hi jammers!
It's Monday and for the first time in 3 weeks, Animal Jam remembered about Rare Monday, and the item released is actually rare! Hence the name, Rare Monday... Anyways, the item released today can be purchased on the second page of Shiveer Shoppe, in the Cocoa Hut.
Yippee, my Top Hat is still rare! :P I like how they are now adding "Rare" badges on the rare items, rather than just saying they're new. Remember to pick up your Scary Cat Hat before time runs out, they'll disappear tomorrow!



  1. huh? So no rare things were there first?

  2. i won this in sky high yay!!!

  3. i won this in sky high!

  4. Will they come back in rare item Monday soon?

  5. I really like cats, but it's weird how this item is weird. LOL.
    I just said something awkward above. .3.


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