Dr. Tierney Thys' Aquarium

Hey Jammers!
Along with today's AJ Update, a new room was added! It is called Tierney Thys' Aquarium, and it is located in Crystal Sands. This is the entrance:
Okay, and here is the inside:
It is really cool! You can read cool facts and click on the different water tanks to watch cool videos about sea animals. The right tank you see in the picture above, is a cool entrance to Kani Cove. Now, when you go upstairs, you see...
A movie theater! This theater is a cool under-water version of the Seriepia Theater. All the videos here are hosted by Dr. Thys and are about sea animals, since she is a marine biologist.

Also, in the downstairs room, there is a game! It is called Touch Pool, and it's similar to a touch pool you would find in any real-life aquarium. Basically, you try to hover your mouse over an animal, (without scaring it by moving too fast), until you "collect" it or something. Once you get them all, you get a prize. Here is one of the easy ones to get- a sponge:
I don't really have time to post a walk-thru for this game, so I'll let the opening game screen explain it to you.
That pretty much explains it better than I ever coluld... XD

So... how do you like Jamaa's new Aquarium? I think it is a great addition to Crystal Sands, since they added all those water-slides last Summer. It is very similar to Brady Barr's lab- a Nat Geo Explorer with a virtual lab, (or in this case, aquarium), in Jamaa. So have fun, and...

Jam On!

~Geckoguy, Animal Jam Community Author


  1. LightningSar60 here! and a few thoughts on the aquarium: I think it is very cool, yet random that they bring a random scientist into the picture. but, i think it was very cool to do so,it is very cool and, as a National Geographic, something to learn from!

  2. i have a question:
    water only animals (dolphins,sharks...)can go outside water?

  3. hi if u wnna find me im jumpingcandy54

  4. where is touch pool.. or is it gone since aj updated alot since

  5. Dude.... I Got ALL The Plushies XD!


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