Jamaa Journal Vol. 057

Hey Jammers!
For some reason no one posted the new issue of the Jamaa Journal yesterday so I'll post it today. Okay...

Page 1:
So... on the front page we see that Octopuses, (or Octopi :P) are now sold. Also you can now vote for a new T-Shirt design that will be sold in Animal Jam Outfitters. We also see that April's Monthly Member Gift will be a Hot Cocoa Machine for your den! I can't wait!

Page 2:
Great! Now we can write custom letters to people in Jam-a-Grams! Just type in a message and send! Sadly this is for Members only... And we have the first ever Pet Game in Jamaa! You must be a Member with a Pet Puppy to play this.

Page 3:
A new party! You must be a Horse to enter. That's interesting, because you must be a Member to have a Horse so this is the first ever Member only party. There is also a new awesome Journey Book page for Seriepia Forrest! The Journey Book is one of my favorite things in Animal Jam. I think the next page will be for Appondale, what about you?

Page 4:
Congrats to the 3 contest winners! The Nametag Badges are great! Also there is the annual Easter Egg Hunt! Find all 8 eggs and you get a prize! Click here to read my walk-through for it.

Page 5:
This page was on the last issue of the Jamaa Journal. Basically, you will only be able to buy Monkeys as animals for a limited time because they are "endangered" in Jamaa. Buy one while you can!

Tell me all your opinions in the comments! I want to hear them!

Jam On!

~Geckoguy, Animal Jam Community Author

1 comment:

  1. The "test" for the Type Your Own Jam-a-Gram has been going on 4ever! Its ridiculous!


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