NEW Castle Den Sky Glitch

Hi jammers!
Today 2 friendly jammers named Ainamal123 and Sparky1025 showed me that there is still a very complicated way to get into the sky in Castle Dens! I will be explaining this glitch later, when I have more time, so stay tuned!
I'll post how to do this later today or tomorrow.
It's really confusing but I caught on quickly, and you probably will too.



  1. you rock i <3 your blog !

  2. i love walking on the sky!! let me know!! LightningStar60 here!

  3. Hiya! Hollyleigh here! I dont mean to be rude or anything bad at all, but I just wanna tell you that another item came out today in jamaa furniture! Yay! It is the pile of snowballs. You must be busy... I am completley overwhelmed with homework and such... so it's ok! Every dog has their day! See ya soon!

  4. you sure it works? hope it does!

  5. i can do the glitch and it is so awesome!!!! if someone wants to tell me the temple of zioz glitch i'll be happy to swap!!!

  6. WoozJammer/AnimalWorldJune 11, 2012 at 4:37 PM

    Add me Im Puffle82!

  7. add me i'm thedestroyer5


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