New Party - Lucky Party!

Hey Jammers!

Sorry this is late, I had just now received the email from Slidoo that we had to post since he was away.
If this post has already been made in the past, please leave a comment so I can delete it. I don't think it was, though.

The brand new Lucky Party has arrived!

There are a few new shop items added inside the party.
Some new music has also been added!
Overall, I think this party is great! Of course, this party won't be around forever, just for March.

Have fun at this new party!


  1. Any new products? Clothes? Animals? Pets? Thanks!

  2. LightningStar60 at it again! and yes, there are new items. and a cool thing... MUSIC!!! members can buy a little irish music in celebration of St. Patrick's Day! Get them before they're gone!!!

  3. Ever need a party planner? Its my AJ JOB! i love making parties. Buddy me if you need a party planner or reveiwer. Allyrules

  4. Maybe the party should take place in some huge clover!

  5. Is this party beta oh its not nvm.

    1. No it's not and you did that on purpose to cheat and get more comments! =.=


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