Jamaa Journal Volume #56

Hey Jammers!
Animal Jam updated today and I'll be posting the new newspaper because Slidoo is on vacation or something this week. Here's page one:
This page 1 is unique because the new pet jellyfish are not the most important update today. Well anyway, this month's Monthly member gift is Elf Tail Armor. Click here to go to my post about tail items. Here is what I thought should be on front page:
Page 2: An aquarium! This is kind of like Brady Barr's Lab. Dr. Tierney Thys is a National Geographic Explorer who specializes in marine biology. In her aquarium, you can learn interesting facts, watch movies in the aquarium theater, and play the Touch Pool game and earn prizes. I'll hopefully get around to posting a full post about the aquarium. This is located on the far right on Crystal Sands. Moving on to page 3:
This page is split into two articles. The first one is about the Wolves only Party. In this party, (obviously), only wolves can enter. I will try to make time for a post about that too. The second half is about the new animal coming next update: Octopuses! I predicted they would come in this post.
Page 4 is about the new badge contest. Just draw a cool logo for something in Jamaa in the shape of a Nametag Badge and submit it to AJHQ following the instructions on the right half of this post. The winner's badge will be available for all members to use- what could be cooler than that?

Okay, so only 4 pages in this issue? That's really short! Most have 5 or 6 pages. This update didn't have much, but the aquarium made up for it. By the way, it's been about 4 months since the last new land came out. Hopefully that swampy area of the map will become a land soon... it's been almost a year since the last land, (not including oceans), and that land was Appondale.

Jam On!

~Geckoguy, Animal Jam Community Author


  1. LightningStar60 coming at cha! so what is the deal? is there going to be an new land or are they replacing the long forgotten Appondale? no one goes there, which is sad. but i think that whatever AJ HQ decides will be a smart choice!

  2. Ya me to I hope the swampy land comes it looks awesome there going to have to make animals that could match with it cause lost temple zios has like a tiger cause temple is like a Asia and lions go to appondale cause its Africa and wolves go to the forest and all those other animals go some where but thumbs up if u think the swampy island comes can't wait

  3. i looove ajc and ajr your both great at post ing and i also love the new updates! if you want to meet me my user is hgirls2! thank for posting!

  4. i hope they make a new land ! do u no that land next then above aplondale thay should make that a land

  5. I need to stop looking at old Jamaa Journals. It's gonna make me cry. :')

  6. Aww. All those jellyfishes are so cute. I love yellow one the most. XD
    I'd rather make one like that. :P

  7. Replies
    1. Nah, if you saw the date actually. xD
      It's like years ago...


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