Jamaa Journal Volume 56.5- Wait, What?

Hey Jammers!
AJHQ updated the newspaper with two extra pages- it's very weird, I know. It's kind of like half an update half way between updates. :S
Notice it is volume 56.5- like I said, very weird. Nothing like this has ever happened before... Anyway, as you see, there is a new den. It is called "Lost Ruins", and it is 3,500 Gems.
Tech66 has an awesome Lost Ruins den right now- check it out! It's open to everyone with sea animals. Page 2:
What? I've always wished there were rare animals! But this is a sad way for them to become rare... So the Monkeys in Jamaa are going on the Endangered List and Jammers won't be able to buy them! Get them quick- nonmembers can buy them too!

So those are the two new pages of the Jamaa Journal. What do you think of this odd update?

Jam On!

~Geckoguy, Animal Jam Community Author


  1. Thank you for recommending my den! ;)

  2. YO GECKOGUY!!! I am Haibut and I sent you a buddy request soo if you see a buddy request from me please say YES. Oh,I NOT begging. XD Ps I LOVE ur den!!!!!!!!!

  3. I got a monkey. It's called Professor Zanymonkey! xD

    Tech66's dens are always epic! He told me he spent something like 100,000 gems on one of his dens. o.O

  4. LightningStar60 here! I CANT BELIEVE THAT THEY ARE TAKING MONKEYS AWAY. i know that no one had a monkey (until now) but really? making them rare? hmm. interesting. sad, and interesting...

  5. crap, i dont have a monkey. Nor have i visited tech66's den yet but i will.

    P.S ironwulf's blog is minuscule! Super Tiny!!!! I cant read a word! i use this blog now :)

  6. I like monkeys! I had one a long time... I think I still do. But wouldn't it be neat if they made owls for AJ? Or some sort of birds! Then we could see the tops of all their nice art-work in the different worlds! Owls are neat creatures... they would have to be peaceful though!
    I thought of it b/c someone spelt wolf: owlf or similar.

  7. Wow!
    But one of my buddies said it was all a big April Fool's joke. Really? I'm not too sure...

  8. Wow! I actually got to experience the old newspaper. Amazing, but I think the slogan didn't go on well. XD

  9. Replies
    1. Not probably beta. I was here at that time, and I didn't join during the betas. But I never used to read the Newspaper always crossed them off. XD

  10. OHH I have the sea den like that!!!

    1. Cool! I don't and it's probably unlikely that I'll get one cause underwater stuff are just not so popular and that would be a waste of gems.

  11. Sniff, sniff. I miss 2012!!! Absolutely definentaly my FAVORITE year on AJ! I miss monthly member gifts, and the bunny and monkey parties are GONE?! I am very glad you made this blog. It reminds me of what I like to call: Aj's year of joy. :'o Also, What the, where's river race???!!!


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