Questioning Phantoms Around Jamaa

Hello there and welcome to J.A Newz! That stands for Jamaasian Announcements 

Today we cannot to the pet play because the boss of J.A Newz (my mom) wants this to be a short broadcast and the AJ Pet Blogger Play took like a hour and a half, so we will go with something shorter today.

So, today we will be talking to Phantoms around Jamaa Township, visiting our fair land for night of the phantoms. 

First we asked this Phantom by the store in Jamaa Township.
Patrick Phantom did not answer because he was in the middle of eating 10 bags of Candy Corn.
So we went to another Phantom nearby.

Philip Phantom did not answer, I waited there for a minute, but then a tree that was struck by lightning nearly landed on Philip and caught one of his arms underneath 

Priscilla reply with this. "My mommy is in the Sol Arcade stealing game tokens so we can sell them to kids for 1 dollar per token"
I was a bit worried but then I saw her mother come out with a bunch a chocolate coins and were selling them for 1 dollar a bag. 

Peter replied saying "I'm going to show people around The Temple of Zios, it's my dream to be a tour guide!" 
That is, a interesting dream. 

Paul said, "Those Pumpkins keep staring at me!" 
Yeah, the pumpkins are kinda creepy. 

Paddy: "I was bored" 
Reeeeal bored. 

Perry: "That bat, is freaking me out!" 

Oooookay yeah I agree.
:cough: Anway uh that's all today on J.A Newz. See ya next time! 

*Husky Ninja 

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