Finally Committing Again?

Hey guys, it's Penguin here- I just want to make a quick announcement. Lately I've been playing AJ a lot more and have gotten into again. I'll probably start talking to buddies again, too. From now on, I do plan on posting as much as possible once again! On my other blog, I'll be trying to post daily again. I'll also be posting on here.
Anyways, I'll see you all next time!


  1. Dear Arctic

    Please do not take this as in insult, this comment was written in love..
    I think it's time you shut down this blog
    for good. 2,435,444 page views, thats a lot!
    I love the posts that use to get posted.
    But now,
    no comments
    and not very many views a day
    Only like 1-5 comments a day
    now if this was a new blog the comments would not be a big deal
    but its from 20010

    1. Dude you don't have to have comments. All you need is people reading the blog.
      Also, to me, 5 comments is a lot to me XD

    2. uhh thats kinda rude.. this blog is awesome!


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