Me own little tag :)

Me: :comes into room with paper ready to write post, see's you  guys playing Heroes of The Storm and Overwatch: Hey what are you guys doing? :o
You Guys: :doesn't reply: OH OH USE YOUR ULT HERE! Got it!
Me: :watches for a few minutes:
Me: :does a giant smile and jumps onto the couch, grabs a controller and starts playing:
You Guys: HEY HEY HEY HEY! You can't play with us!
Me: :smile fades: Why not?
You Guys: Cuz you have to post!
Me: oh :C :mutters as I leave the room: dang ol posting, I have to post while they get to play video games .....
You Guys: You can play with us after you post!
Me: OH! :zooms to get post done as fast as possible:

Yet another strange intro. XD
You Guys: Because your strange!
Me: Shhhhh!
Anyway, I was wondering what to post day, so I, with the help of Lost Fairy ok it was all Lost. XD
Decided to make my own tag!
Sense I am bad at making AJ Tag's mainly because most of the questions have already been used in other tags. So this tag will be non AJ related. DXD

This tag will be called the ummm 
I don't know, we'll see when I get to the end of it XDD
:After question 3 has been written:
Let's just call this, The Family Tag XD

1. What is one of your best memories as a kid?
Hmm I have a lot of great memories, but I'd have to say role-playing with Pob and Sarah, sometimes Tox, but most of the time he never even came outside with us, and he was not very good at 
role-playing. lol

2. What was one of the best family times you've had?
Either going to Zoo's or ,,,
One time my family just did a bunch of little, I'm going to say mini games. 
Like the 3 legged race (I finally know how that works the 3 leg thing XD)
Egg on a spoon, egg toss those sorta games! 
It was a lot of fun even though I was really little

3. What's an embarrassing thing your family did to you?
hmmm I can't think of anything at the moment but let's just say sing Happy Birthday XDD

4. What's something you get a little frustrated with you Family
 Like half of my Family calls Fire a dumb cat, she's only done a few things that were kinda annoying so I get a bit frustrated with that .....

5. What's something that you do often with your family you enjoy? 
Sometimes just talking. My dad was in the Navy so he has some pretty 
fun stories to tell sometimes! :D 

I now tag:
Cool Cat
Lost Fairy

And that'll be all for today everyone! 
It's kinda short I guess but oh well, I couldn't really think of anything else at the moment DX
*Husky Ninja 

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