Some of you may have heard about the update for tomorrow. On Instagram, AJHQ has posted about having spiked wrists and collars in the Diamond Shop. I freaked out when I saw this and I am sure others did as well. If you do not get a chance to see it, here is a picture. It was posted as a video but because of lack of proper recording devices, here it is in picture form:

              As you can see, there are spiked collars and wristbands. However, they are not the rare ones that you may find in The Forgotten Desert or those ones that everyone wants. You know. The spikes have a bluish tinge to them unlike actual spikes. Also, there will be a diamond sign next to them like the other diamond shop items. I wanted to do this because one of my friends almost thought that the spikes were the actual rare ones. That would ensue a lot of scamming if no one knew the difference and that is one thing Animal Jam does not need more of. Happy Hump Day!


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