General here with some awesome news - pigs are here! In General's opinion, they are the cutest animals AJHQ has ever released! They are available to both members and nonmembers.

As you can see above, the new pigs are almost the same size as the pet piglets from last year. Did you know that the piglets were released exactly 365 days ago? They came out on 10 June last year, and even though today is 9 June, it's a leap year so there was an extra day in between these two dates. That makes 365 the total amount of days!

Pigs only cost five diamonds (compared to the usual price of 10 diamonds per animal). Speaking of diamonds, the new Painter's Easel can be found in the Diamond Shop for just two diamonds! It lets you draw masterpieces right from your den, without having to go to Coral Canyons.

That's all General has for now. Bye!


  1. Nice post! It's so nice to see AJHQ finally giving non-members a new animal..

  2. Yay!!!! This may be my favorite update in recent history.

  3. Cool post!! But I don't think the pigs are half-off, the beach house costs 4 diamonds so that means...
    Yay,pigs are not overpriced!!


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