Season Outfits

      Today, I will be showing you some outfits that match each season. They are not the absolute best for I just came up with it and also because I am a non member. I tried as hard as I could with all my stuff. However, before we do that, check the Daily Explorer and look at the side panels for Jammer Art and News Crew. Don't they look a little... outdated? Or maybe that is just me.  I don't know.
        This first outfit is for the summer. It has the Diamond Gauntlets, the Freedom helmet and the Freedom cape. I was going for a 4th of July look. This is probably my worst one.

       Next is my fall outfit. It is the rare Frankenstein mask, the Candy Necklace and the Diamond Gauntlets. This is also quite bad and I was going for a Halloween look.
      Next is my winter outfit. It has the Icicle Horn, Jammaliday scarf and the rare Candy Cane Socks.It also includes the Gingerbread Wings in blue. I was going for a snowy look here and it looks ok.
      Finally, it is my spring look. This is my favorite outfit by far. I have actually used this outfit before. It has the Butterfly Wings and the Bee Antennae. If you can guess what it is, I will give you a cookie!
      That's all for today! Also, have you heard about the Pet Checklist? It is a checklist for Jammers to see what rare pets they have collected so far. As you also may have guessed, these pets are obtained by buying the special toys at Walmart and only the ones who have done so and gotten a pet will see the checklist.  Finally, have a happy Hump Day!


  1. Nice non-member outfits! :D I like 'em all! By the way, IT'S A BEE!!!! :D

  2. Cool outfits! My favorite one is the winter one, I think. And the spring one is more likely to be a...Butterbee! Or a Beeterfly! It's cute as well!!


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