Pig Firsts

       This is going to be short for I have no idea what to talk about. Almost a week ago, pigs were released for the first time. Yay!!! They achieved a couple of firsts. Pigs were the first animal that was harder to connect to the wilderness. I remember blogs like this one trying to figure out what AJ would become and nicknaming it Barnyard Jam. The next first is that it was the first animal to be for nonmembers for a while. I believe that the penguin was the last animal beforehand. Also, it was the first non member animal in the Diamond Shop. That was a huge step forward for now those people who had 40+ diamonds. Finally, it was the first animal which only cost 5 diamonds. This is a lot of firsts AJHQ. Good job there. Have a happy Hump day!


  1. Ehehe, that was me! I made up the Barnyard Jam term! XD

    1. I really actually love the pigs though! AnD NON-MEMBER! :O

  2. But I actually really love the pigs! And NON-MEMBER! :O

  3. Oops, my bad! I thought one of my comments didn't publish so I retyped it!


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