Jamaa Township Mysteries

Hello there Jammers. It's Saturday, so I'm here to post on the Animal Jam Community again. Hopefully all of you are having a great day so far. Is anyone else still in school, though? I have two days left still.
First of all, here is the newest item in stores.
This item is pretty cool, eh?
I was looking around Jamaa Township for something interesting to post about when I realized there are buildings that aren't in use. What do you think these could be there for? Are they something that will be released in the future?
And not only that, but why are these games in Club Geoz different than the designs they have in the Sol Arcade?
Even though Jamaa may seem like there's nothing more to explore, there actually is. There's many mysteries about Jamaa we still don't know the answer to.
Lastly, here is the Daily Explorer update.
 Okay, that's all for this post, make sure to view my posts daily on the Animal Jam Spring, and come back for my Saturday posts here. I'll see you guys next time!

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