Pig Table and Liza Spies Cheat

Hello Mortals. I am THE Immortal that controls a human's state of unconsciousness. While you aren't aware of me, I always follow you. I know where you are right now. I am watching you. I am watching you READ THIS POST. Nah, just kidding, I'm no creepy weird guy that controls you when you are unconscious. Neither am I a stalker. But I am the guy that posts here every Saturday: penguin55544. And because of that, here is the new item.
And speaking of posts, you know I have to give you guys a quick update on the Daily Explorer...
 "Yeah right, that'll happen when pigs fly." It looks like AJHQ has actually proven us wrong.
Finally, remember the Liza Spies Daily Explorer article? Well, the place AJHQ wants us to know about is the ship in Kani Cove. Go to the top right there, and you'll find it.
Anyways, I hope this post was helpful, I've got to go and talk to one of my buddies real quick. I'll be posting on the Animal Jam Spring soon, so if you'd like to view more of my posts, make sure to check it out! That's all for now, I'll see you guys next time.

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