Jamaa Hidden Images

      Hello, Cerisewolf2014 here. Today, I will show you some "hidden" images in the land of Jamaa. They might not be hidden or new to the few that have been playing for a long time or the few that are very observant. If you are one of those people, congrats on being able to spot something that others have not seen. The first one is in the Medical Center in Kimbara Outback. If you look at the eye exam chart, you can see the Alphas' names spelled out:

            The next couple are in Captain Mevilles Fruit Hut. In the hut, you can see all different kinds of fruits hanging from a basket. In the first one, there are lychee and custard apples in the baskets. The red ones are lychee.
               The next fruit one shows watermelons, durians, and papayas. Those are some tropical fruits!
              Finally in Brady Barr's Lab, there are an abundance of monkeys such as here:
          and here:
      What is it with Brady Barr and monkeys huh? One more thing before I end, if you look around Jamaa, you see a lot of bottles and urns, especially in the Lost Temple of Zios. Why is that? Happy Hump Day and this is Cerisewolf2014 signing off.


  1. Ah yes, I've noticed the eye chart thing. Did you notice the newly added plants and rocks at the bottom of Coral Canyons?

    1. NO, I actually have not. Thanks for telling me and I will go check them out.

  2. Hehe, since Brady Barr's favorite animal is the crocodile, then why is his lab surrounded by monkeys? O.o

  3. I've (surprisingly) only noticed the fruit one before! I love how much detail AJHQ puts into Jamaa.


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