Kindness in Jamma

   Before we get started to the kindness section, today there is a new item. It is called the Wavy Bookshelf. It is in my opinion very cool and you can make walls with it. Super awesome! And at the cheap price of 350, anyone can get them!

       Now, one day as I was in Township, following my friend, I saw an Arctic Wolf advertising their Jammer wall. Members often write stories or encouraging messages on their Jammer Wall now and so I clicked on this because I was curious. Well, I saw this:

      This is a really nice poem and encouraging and positive one. It will boost your morals. Hopefully soon the AJ community will take a break from drama, scamming and rares to focus on what is really important in the game: Your friends and you having fun! Happy Hump Day!


  1. Aww that's a nice way to think of colors, lol!

  2. Hey, I have seen lots of people doing things like that on their Jammer Walls! :D I find it very neat and kind of them. And the rainbow poem was very sweet. ;) Also, the bookshelf is AMAZING!!!! Last year when it was out, I got like, 7 of them! :P

    1. I love the bookshelf too! I totally freaked out when I was they were back.


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