A Mystery

Hi Jammers! General here with some interesting news...but first, here's some background information.

A few years ago, when AJ was still new, AJHQ used "test accounts" to test new items. Most test accounts no longer exist and their usernames have been retired, but General was told that there may still be one around named 'Sizzlerat.' Here is an old post from right here on AJC about Sizzlerat.

Is this the real Sizzlerat or a fraud?
General did some research on Sizzlerat and it turns out that some users have claimed to be Sizzlerat themselves. It's very possible that the Sizzlerat up there is indeed a regular Jammer who chose the name after AJHQ deleted the original test account, but there is definitely something peculiar about trying to search up 'Sizzlerat' in the Find a Jammer search bar…sometimes, it returns "That Jammer couldn't be found!" - not a good sign!

Can you find Sizzlerat, or do you receive the error message? This is very strange!

That's all for now...maybe by his next post, General will have solved this mystery.


  1. Interesting! This is a mystery indeed! :D

  2. Sizzlerat buddied me recently. A friend saw them by chance and told me. We haven't talked yet but I doubt this is AJHQ lol


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