Rare Item Monday!

Greetzings, Jammers, Arctic here! Let's get down to business and see what the Rare Item for this week is!

Today's rare item can be found in Jam Mart Clothing. What ever could it be? Introducing the Rare Musketeer Hat! The colour options on this item are definitely very interesting, to say the least. I have always liked the Musketeer Hat, though haven't really ever used it much! I am not the hugest fan of this rare item, seeing that it's yet another re-coloured item! I hope AJHQ starts getting more creative with their rares in the future! Be sure to buy this item for 1,100 gems!

And now, it is time for the factual part of this post!

Our word of the day:

Yearn: To desire strongly

What a deep word! To yearn for something is truly far more meaningful than to simply want something!

Our fact of the day:

The moon, Venus, and Jupiter aligned to form a smiley face on May 16, 2010

Hm. The more you know, it seems!

Have a great day my friends!

Feel free to contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com !

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