Jammer Walls

    Hi. Today, they have released a new item that goes with the salon set. It is the Salon set. It looks like this:
       For 400 gems, it is at a decent price and it is great if you want to create a salon den. Now on to the post. Remember back in July of 2015 when AJHQ unveiled their Jammer Wall with the new update? When they did so, they said that it would be tested by members for a period of time. Then, it would be open to everyone! Well, it is almost the 1 year anniversary of their release and when I , a non member, open them up, I get this: 

    I mean, really? What else is there to test for? If they are just not going to let non members have it, I would rather they tell us straight out. I am sorry if I offended anyone but this is really just my opinion.


  1. Hmm, I agree! It's been almost been a year and the Jammer Walls are great. No need for testing. Maybe they want a year of testing? Let's see on July 15th! :D

    1. Oops! For some reason I though you said July 15th instead of 2015... XD Well, ahem, let's see in July! :P


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