Make-Up Post

I forgot to post yesterday. Our power went out in the morning for a few hours, and once it was fixed, we all went to the mall and didn't get back until dinner time! Then for diner, we went out to eat until late at night. By the time I got home I was tired and completely forgot to post. Anyways, here are the new items from yesterday, though.

AJHQ is now taking on the Cheetah theme.
Also, look at what the new Clothing Shop looks like. All of them now look like this when you open them:
To be honest, I kind of like the old version better because it wasn't as confusing. Also, why is the necklace at the very front of the page? I thought it was towards the back.
Also, did you guys hear about the lynx and happy drama mask glitch? Go to the Summer Carnival and buy a Happy Drama Mask. Then put it on a lynx. It will appear as a sad drama mask!
That's all for this post, sorry about yesterday! I'll make sure not to forget next week. Until next time, goodbye.

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  1. To everyone spamming me and telling me to come back to this blog:
    I do not care for Animal Jam anymore. So unless you want to be spammed with posts about J-Pop and Megurine Luka, STOP.


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