Epic Dens in Blue

   Before, we get into the topic, there are two events I want to talk about. Number one, if you didn't know, Animal Jam is having a diamond animal sale so that means that those horribly expensive diamond animals will be only 5 diamonds.It will give members a chance to load up on animals and then realize they went bankrupt with their diamonds. Second of all, have you heard about the Diamond Jammer Snap Plaque? It is like the AJHQ plaque except that the thumb thing is now diamond colored. There is only one known in Jamaa so far and there is no idea how you get them. A picture and more description is on Nafaria's blog, Animal Jam Whip. Now, on to the Epic Den of the day!

      Those are the key parts in my opinion of this den. I like the consistent theme of the color blue throughout the den. It brings the den together even thought there isn't really any other theme such as nature den or family home. The campfire is a nice touch to a mostly elegant den. However, there were some parts of the den that were sorta random and could be modified slightly. One such spot is this:
     I believe that the table is slightly random in the middle of the house. A chair could be added to make it look less empty or something placed on it. overall, however, I really enjoy this den. The important lesson from this house is that coordinate your den with a theme be it a color or a type of den. Have a happy Hump Day!

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