Spring Den

         Today, I will be looking at a den that has a strong nature vibe to it. It has lots of plants and is like one of those dens that look like a gardening jammer lives in. I think this one is really cool and springy and doesn't overdo with the plants. It is April already (can you believe it!) and the flowers have started to bloom both in real life and in Animal Jam. Here are my favorite parts of this den.
A nice and cozy place by the fireplace
A lot of flowers that are perfectly in bloom
Resting by the beautiful pink flowering trees
             Overall, this is a lovely, relaxing den. Nature dens are a great theme to go with and they look amazing.  I am not able to give out the username if this person but I will tell you, if you somehow find this den, you will be amazed... Have a Happy Hump Day!

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