Returning Items!

Greetings, my friends, Arctic here! How are you doing?

I am really unsure of which items are new and which have been here for a few days, so I suppose I'll just mention all of them!

Today in Jamaa we have a returning Jamaa, which I think has already been here for a couple of days -introducing the Cactus Fence! This has always been a very nice item, and is excellent for designing dens. If I remember correctly, it is quite tall, and makes a great divider outdoors, or even can serve as an interesting decoration! You get an option for a regular cactus and a cactus with flowers on it too! Be sure to buy one of these for 300 gems in Treetop Gardens

Also returning is the Epic Wonders Orb, though I think they may have made a few edits to the item. I remember the orb would get quite dark as it span before, but it seems to generally stay the same colour now! This is a great item for giving a mystical feeling for your den, and is quite often seen in dens found on the Epic Dens List! Be sure to buy one in Epic Wonders for 2500 gems!

Other returning items, which are sold in Bahari Bargains, are the Scuba Tank and Fruit Hat! Both items are handy for making an interesting look on your animal! Personally, the Fruit Hat is one of my favourite underwater clothing items. Speaking of underwater, I never seem to see the Atlantis Party on the Party List anymore. Is it just me or did they remove the party? It's probably just me not noticing!

And now, a comic:

*2 hours later*


Don't ask.

And now, it is time for the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day:

Taradiddle: Nonsense

How is it that even the word sounds nonsensical?!

Our fact of the day:

If you met every person in the world for one second each it would take 32 years to meet everyone!

That's crazy!!

Have a great day, my friends! See you next week!

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