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So... Whats new!
To catch you up on whats new in stores...
Jam Mart Clothing:
 New Samurai Helmet going for 500 gems! And new Cheese Hat going for 400 gems! Make sure to buy these silly fun items today, someday they might be worth something. But some things are leaving stores, Make sure to buy all leper-con items and the football helmet!
Jam Mart Furnishing: It does not say that anything is new but there are some things leaving stores like the Shamrock Vines, and Rake and Leaf Pile.

So, do you like the April Fools party? I have not gone to it yet. But I love going to them every year. My mom is nine months pregnant, so when my grandma, mom, and I were walking in the park, me and my mom pulled a prank that her water broke... My grandma was like, "Lets go, lets go, get to the hospital!" It was funny, then we told her that it was a joke and she was like, "Oh! My heart was beating so fast!" And starts laughing.

QUESTION: What April Fool Jokes did you pull?

Well thank you for reading Animal Jam Community Blog and I hope you have a wonderfully fantastic Friday! Be safe!

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