April Fool's Party Guide and Achievement Theory

Why hello there my good sirs! Or should I say... never mind.
On Wednesday I didn't post due to LOADS of homework, and I woke up late in the morning. I am very sorry for this, and I'll make sure it won't happen again.
Anyways, here is the new item that was released today!
This is a perfect spring item- for girls. Sadly, I'm a boy.
Nextly, I haven't been to the April Fool's party yet, but here are a few screenshots I took while I was there.

Now, the moment you've been waiting for: the coolest part of this post! So, recently Aparri posted a video about a possible new game after seeing an achievement on Beemabel's player card. However, I came up with a different theory. Look here.
As you can see, there's a Trapdoor. That Trapdoor was released not too long ago as the Basement of Secrets. This leads me to think that all of these other rooms could open up, too, and AJHQ is just hinting it. What do you think?
I hope you enjoyed this post, and keep reading for more updates. You can read my posts daily on The Animal Jam Spring and read this blog daily for updates from every author. I hope you have a great night and...
Umm... yeah, I guess that's a good enough way to end this post.

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  1. beemabel has lots of unreleased achievements, and my guess is that he's an account made by ajhq to test achievements because he had achievements for "animal bases," which were a planned feature in beta.


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