Shamrock Vines!

Greetings Jammers! How are you doing? I hope you are well!

Today in the Land of Jamaa, we have a new item: The Shamrock Vines. Aside from the fact that this is not natural behaviour for this kind of plant, I think this item is quite nice. It seemed that it would suit a stone background, so I decided to test it out when I discovered:

It is VERY small, meaning that if you were to cover a reasonable amount of space on a stone wall, you would need to buy many of these. That aside, it is a very cute item!

Buy it today for 350 gems in Treetop Gardens!

Remember to buy the Pi items! They are all non-member, and today is the last day they will be in store! Read about them in Mldriver's Post!

Now it is time for the Factual Part of this Post!

Our word of the day is:

Apolaustic: devoted to enjoyment.

How interesting it is that we are able to find so many words for so many common feelings or states of being that we did not even know existed!

Our fact of the day is:

It can take up to 70 years for the peel of a banana to decompose in Antarctica due to how cold it is.

Now you can feel (and be) a little bit smarter!

Good Day!

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Poem skills level: existent(?)


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