Jamaa VOL. 142

Hey Jammers! Today is update day on Animal Jam! So let's see what's in store for us.

The first page is featuring the return of lions! Lions aren't the most popular animal, but they have really cool actions.  It was the first membership animal I ever bought!

And, if you have 10 diamonds, you can buy it at the Diamond Shop! I personally don't think they are worth 10 diamonds, I would rather get an otter or a flying animal.

Moving on, there is a trading update! Now whenever you trade an item that was bought from the diamond shop, or the item has a "rare" symbol, Animal Jam will notify you.

How do you like this tweak in the Trading System? I don't think it's necessary. It is kinda neat though. 

We also have a new game/party. It involves true or false questions! All you do is go to the side (the check for true, and the x for false) you think is right! Now this is only found in your party list, which I don't really like. 

There is a new exhibit in the Conservation Museum about the Animals of Africa! And, the April Fool's party is around the corner! Only 12 days until April,Wow! 

A clover armor set can now be bought in the Diamond Shop! I really like the gauntlets and the tail. It's just that I don't like how the coins fling around the animal wearing the armor. And, the chamber of knowledge has a new minibook!  

And strangely, the PI items from 3/14 are still here!

Strange,  I thought they were supposed to leave on 3/16. Hm, so much for rare Pi day items. 

That's all for today Jammers! Sorry for the late and kind of short post today! I will see you on Saturday! 

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