Daily Explorer Posts, Lionfish Armour, and Leaving Clover Skirt!

Greetings! How are you doing today?

Today in the wonderful world of Jamaa, we have a returning item being sold. Welcome back, the Lionfish Helmet! This wonderful item can be bought for 350 gems in Bahari Bargains, so be sure to pick yours up today! I have noticed that this item is popular among member animals. I think it is because they think that it looks cool or tough on their animals! I think it isn't a bad item either to be honest!

Next, the Clover Skirt will be leaving stores soon, so be sure to get it while you can!

Next, we have two new posts from the Daily Explorer: an AJHQ spotlight and a new News Crew Winner! I have always loved the News Crew and aspired to become part of them someday, luckily, that wish came true! Anywho, click here to read about the turquoise dolphin pods and here to view the News Crew winner!

Taken from the Daily Explorer

Taken from the Daily Explorer

And now, it is time for the factual part of this post!

Our word of the day:

Appersonation: The delusion that one is a famous person.

There... There's a word for this?! What... What if I have been appersonating myself for all my life and I didn't know it? What if we are all famous except for famous people that we think are famous... but they really aren't? What if... Fame doesn't exist... Or what if this post doesn't exist and this post and word and term are nonexistent?! WHAT IS THIS WORLD?!

That was unnecessarily deep.

Our fact of the day:

1/3 pet owners believe that their pet has the ability to read their mind.

And this is a useful fact because.....? Well, at least you know something new now!

Have a great day, my friends, and Happy Jamming!

Aha! I am a genie now, and my wish is your command! Contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com


  1. @ paragraph about appersonation:

    Maybe it's all a lie. A lie filled with paradoxes.

  2. did you ever realize that words ore just gibberish

  3. there is a website in wich you can get membership for free without codes


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