Extremely Elongated Post: Vanity Mirror, Leaving Item List, and S.T.E.A.M!

Greetings Jammers, Arctic here! How are you today? Good, I hope. It is time for a new post, so let's get rolling!

Before we "get rolling", I would like to tell you something! I have decided that I am going to put more effort into my posts, and make them fun (or at least try!) as well as factual! This means that my posts may be longer, so be warned!

Now where could the new item be sold today? Ah, here it is. Sold in Jam Mart Furniture for 250 (wow!) gems is the Vanity and Mirror. Welcome back this wonderful returning item! I actually really like this item, and I use it in many of my dens. If you like this item, be sure to buy one!

Next, I thought that I should show you which items will be leaving stores soon:

Sold in Jam Mart Clothing
Sold in Jam Mart Clothing
Sold in Jam Mart Furniture
Sold in Treetop Gardens

Sold in Treetop Gardens (I like Daffodils!)
Sold in Epic Wonders
Sold in Epic Wonders
Sold in Sunken Treasures
Sold in Sunken Treasures

Sold in Bahari Bargains

That is a lot of items, but it is unknown when they return, so be sure to pick the ones you want up before they leave stores!


This isn't very NEW news, but I thought I would talk to you about it; Have you entered the S.T.E.A.M. contest yet? In summary, AJHQ is offering Jammers like you and I to be imaginative! There are five categories in which you can submit things for:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Art
  • Math
You can enter in facts that you know, a work of art, a concept that you understand deeply, or even your own inventions. So long as it is appropriate and relevant, AJHQ will accept it! In the end, there will be five winners (one for each category), and they will each win a prize of five diamonds! 

Here are some entries:

Taken from the Daily Explorer
The due date is April 22nd, so you have about a month to plan out something amazing! My entry was for Technology, and I did a music player that would play positive music to improve and/or match your mood! Best of luck to all you Jammers! For more information, click here!

AJHQ made a very cute piece of art for yesterday's rare:

Taken from the Daily Explorer

I get the sneaking suspicion that this same model for art has been used before...

Taken from the Daily Explorer

AHH!! No, definitely not!!!

My search has turned out hopeless...

That raccoon though... *shudders*

It's high time that we get a move on, and go to the factual part of this post, is it not?

Our word of the day:

Armamentarium (try saying that one five times fast!): The complete range of materials available or used for a certain task.

I can picture some very strange and eccentric teacher popping up from behind the desk, and yelling:

"DO YOU HAVE THE ARMAMENTARIUM FOR THIS CLASS?! If not... You will face grave danger... AS YOU SHALL NOT BE ABLE TO MEASURE YOUR ANGLES WITHOUT A PROTRACTOR!! MUHA! So you had better go get your geometry set, eh?"

Actually... That sounds a lot like how I would act... Moving on?

Our fact of the day:

Giraffes have tongues that can be over 45.72 cm (18 in) in length. They use these tongues to clean their ears and are even able to grab leaves with them!

Well, there you go, folks! Rather useless information for you face :D

That's not all, though. For surviving Arctic Unleashed, you will receive a prize:

A picture of a cute duckling to drool at for ten minutes!


... Too many?

Goodness. I just read-over this post... What kind of madness was going on in my brain when I wrote this?

If you like this newer, longer style of post, be sure to tell me! Just remember, this was just particularly long because I listed off all of the leaving items!

Happy Jamming!

Something to talk about? You can contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com !


  1. Hehe, I like the randomness; it sets you and your blog apart from the others!


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