Knight Armor and April Fool's Party

LATE POST I AM SO SORRY! My teachers are making all my assignments due on the day before Spring Break starts (which is on Thursday). And it doesn't help that I was sick for four days the week before. ANYWAYS, let's get on with this rushed post!

The new item today is the Knight Armor! It goes great with the Knight Helmet, however it's member! Hmm.. I guess if you're a non-member, you will have to be creative when making your armor for a knight outfit!

Also when you log into Animal Jam today, there is a small April Fool's joke! I was a bit confused when I opened it up (because today is not April 1st)

With this little joke, you can now go to the April's Fool Party! And, the party is updated with all new items, including a Shark Hat, that already seems to be very popular!

Last but never the least, we have the True or False questions along with a GIF!

True or False: 
Adults have fewer bones than babies do.

And the GIF..

I don't know what's funnier, the fact that the dolphin has grown arms, or that it's wearing a shirt and tie. Either way, pretty hilarious!
That's all for today Jammers! I will see you on Thursday!


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