Clover\ Pinwheel, New Paint Items, and Clover Trident!

Greetings Jammers; how are you doing? I hope you are well!

I have three den items to talk to you about today: The Clover Pinwheel, Painter's Scaffolding, and Painted Star! These items can all be bought in Jam Mart Furniture!

We also have the Clover Trident, which is sold for 500 gems in Bahari Bargains. How cute! They should make a line of seasonal items- they should all be the same item at the core, but an altered version should be released every different season! And they should all be non-member. Anywho, buy this cute item today!

And now for the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day:

Aplomb: self-confidence

A little aplomb never hurts, so long as you stay humble!

Our fact of the day:

Don't whip your hair/head back and forth! Everytime you do, 24 brain cells are lost (destroyed.crushed.disappear.poof.)

I knew I made a smart choice by never getting into dance! (just kidding!)

Good Day!

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