Animal Jam Memories!

 8 weeks

Almost 15 weeks

:looks back between the pictures 20 times: 

Gosh it's going to be so weird when he's an adult and up to my hips O,O
Trump is doing pretty good with come and is amazing at sit, at the moment we're working on "stay" "lay down" and "give"and then little words like "inside, outside, downstairs, upstairs.)
He is still a little bit nippy but definitely not as much as he was a few weeks ago. 
He's doing better on the road to being housebroken. 
But a problem he does has is sometimes he'll grab something he's not suppose to have (beanie baby, sock ETC) And as soon as someone notices him he'll run away. 
This is because the little kids would chase him when he did it the first couple times before I could stop them. So now he does it for attention. Not sure how long that's going to take to break that one. 

Ok I'll stop with the doggy chatter now XDD 
Today I'll be showing you guys all about the things that bring back memories from when I first started the game ^.^
(Inspired by Sarah's post This Generation of Jammers is Dying?)

Ok so first I'll start off with how I even learned about Animal Jam
A friend of my brothers came over and we were on the computer and then he said something like. "Hey do you guys know about Animal Jam?" 
We of course didn't so he logged into his account and showed us. And we all wanted accounts. 
Then a few months later my mom found out it was online. Even though she helped make our accounts I guess she over looked that part?
So we were banned from playing AJ for maybe, half a year? 
Then we remembered it and asked her if we could play it again and she said yes!
And maybe less then a month later we got membership!

The Sol Arcade 
:pauses Spotify music, and turns on AJ music: 
I remember being soo excited in here and I always loved the music ^.^

Claw Machine
The days when I spent 15 minutes and 200 gems collecting plushies. 

The old 2 player games
I still remember when I was talking to my older brothers about Animal Jam and one of them was like "Oh yeah, the game where you walk around doing nothing, and playing Rock Paper Scissors."

Brady's lab
The days of trying to get the rainbow chemistry bottle thingy. 
Watching/playing the Brady Barr Adventure thing. R.I.P :,( 

Looking at all my pets
Jellywings was my very first pet and I never got rid of him ^.^
I usually rotated my pets or put them with certain animal's 

The days of making popcorn, taking picture in the photo booth.
Hmm Lost you should get Tracy a Animal Jam account and then do one of these pictures XDD 

Peace love ninja's!

*Husky Ninja 


  1. I use "out" for my Grandparents' dogs. I never knew people used "give". Whale, you learn something new every day. <3

  2. Awwwww trumpyyyyyy:) I forgot about like all those things. I did those too when I joined

  3. I turn on the old Lucky Clovers music and the nostalgia just kicks in.


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