Random Animal Jam Tag

I am currently writing this at 7:19, I am really tired.
But I felt like writing. And I already took Trump on a walk soooo here I am.
Last week Gracie made a new tag called The Random Animal Jam Tag, and I will be doing that today.

1. How many animals do you have on AJ
Lemme seee 18! 

2. Dire Wolves or Sabertooths?
I'm not a big fan of either. 
Maybe Sabertooths? 

3. What's your favorite AJ soundtrack
Without a doubt Hidden Falls!

4. What's your favorite blogger meme?
Bold Banana!

5. Seals or Penguins?
Hard one. 

That was fun Gracie! Thanks for making it! :D 
Hmmm Sabertooths. 
Light Saber. 
:smiles weirdly: 
Excuse me I have some edits to make. 

*Husky Ninja 

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