The Dog Post?

Hey Jamemrs!  
This post is going to be about dogs
I have
a medium sized post for next Thursday! (And who doesn't like dogs besides a lot of people) 

1. Do you have a dog? What kind? What's his name?

His name is Trump! He's a purebred brown piebald husky!

This is quite new

Sorry!! Had to block out lil Boo :(  JA THE SCRIBBLES WERE FINE, NOW YOU WANT THE SQUARE SMALLER? NO NO NO.  even tho i probably did do it too much, boo isn't that fat... he's really tiny and skinny actually, he a vury tiny lil  Boo :) 

This is his normal spot at breakfast, lunch(usually) and dinner.
Waiting for Boo to drop food. (This picture is very new)

This is when we went to see him, GOODNESS HE WAS TINY THEN O,O

This was from the kennel facebook thing (the bottom right picture makes it look like he has a spot on his right eye, but thats his ear XDD) 

Dis from when he was a vury tiny lil doggo :) 

Dis from when idk, before we got him of course though, idk how old he was, still quite small though! 
Dis from when he just a lil lil guy, he's the one way on the right I think I want a husky the color of his mother. its so pretty. 

This is his first picture we took of him when we first got him :)

I didn't even realize he grew so much until Ja took this picture o,o (this picture is very very


2. Which do you prefer? Big or small dogs?

Medium large dogs..

3. What is your dream dog?

Dalmatian or a Sheltie! :D 

4. What is your favorite dog movies? 

Three words. 
Milo. and. Otis. that counts righttttt? 
I love that movie XD

5. What are five show off tricks would you like to teach your dog? 

Have him do certain actions during certain sounds, I COULD GET ON AGT WITH THAT RIGHT? 

6. In your opinion what is one of the cutest things your dog does? 

I love it when he rests his head on mee <3 Its su cutee, I also love it when he runs in his sleep! (On his side of course, if he actually ran he'd run into something-... I'll be quiet now) 

7.  What is one of the most annoying things someone has done to/with your dog? 

Ja said it.
Somebody took him out without asking, (twice.) Fed him, he was whimpering when I took him away, and making puking sounds, and he wasn't very active the rest of the day. 

8. What kind of nicknames does your dog have?
Trum Trum, Trumpy, uhmm.. Trumpity, Trump the Bump (for when he's older and lazy! :D)

Have a good day ^.^ REMEMBER


  1. Ofc Milo and Otis counts! (even tho I didn't make the tag in my book it counts) I love it too! Yassssss even tho I probably already told uuuuuuuu.

  2. Awwwww :) Isn’t trump a Siberian husky too?

  3. Wow it glitched badly (either that or its this computer)

  4. Your dog is so cute!
    And Milo and Otis is my favorite dog/cat movie too!


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