This Generation of Jammers Is Dying?

Hey Jammers! Currently writing this on Monday.. sorry I didn't post last Thursday! I was super busy that day :P

I'm just waiting for the next generation of Animal Jammers. Remember when you got your first membership? The feeling was pure happiness, for some of us, JAGs still looked like this..
Image result for 2013 Jam a grams animal jam
                                                Boy that was annoying.. Does the gift still make that one special noise when you open it? I forgot   
The feeling of buying that member animal?

 Getting over excited for a new animal?

 Remember watching those Wild Explorer videos?

 Do you remember when masterpieces came out? Perhaps being mad because you were non member when they came out I was 

Remember before AJ was obsessed with making toys, and youtubers, and more diamond items?

Remember when we actually learned stuff from Animal Jam?

Do you remember when you first discovered the journey book?

 When you first figured out where the adventures were?

 Being in bliss not knowing what a spike collar was worth?

When Animal Jam toys first came out?

The night before getting membership because a sibling got one, and knowing that night you would try and try to convince your parents to let you get one?

Roleplaying? Hanging out with friends?

Saying with confidence "I will never quit Animal Jam!"

The first time diamond shop spikes came out? Before AJ was completely obsessed with spikes?

Lions roar, eagles soar, non members need more?

When you were very happy if you got diamonds on the daily spin? When members only got a single diamond each Tuesday? 

When trading looked like this? Image result for animal jam trading in 2013

This was suppose to be about this generation of Animal Jammers dying out.. I guess it still is, only a few people still remember this, there is a new generation kind of rising out, making memories like this I guess.
that doesn't make sense
Have a nice day!!
all the variations! (One of the direwolves is on the sabertooth line though)  SO COOT 
PS20180614 TeamSabertooth I guess I'm Team Sabertooth because Gellyjones is on it? Even though it has 2 youtubers who I don't like. At All. (Who is that arctic wolf next to Gelly?)


  1. Woah. This post.

    I can’t even express my thoughts about it.

    It’s deep, my word.

    *wipes tears* Thanks for this, Sarah. It made me think a lot. :’)


  2. I remember when trading looked like that

  3. This brought back so many memories :O
    *Husky Ninja

  4. Animal Jam is not doing so well right now. I'd say it's DYING. Animal Jam is not educational anymore, because just admit; did you REALLY ONLY play Animal Jam to learn? I don't think so. However, it's pretty stupid on Animal Jam's part to keep pursuing it. When pet bees come out every year, they always have banners for you to learn about bees. It's honestly dumb, and a waste of time. Nobody clicks those anymore, and instead of Animal Jam WASTING their time on that, they should waste their time on making the game better. Instead of completely ABANDONING the PC version for the Play Wild version. To be completely honest with you, Animal Jam Play Wild isn't very fun. It's honestly boring. Other than that, the same updates have came out since 2014. The holiday adventure was awesome and fun when it first came out because it was new and exciting, as well with the other adventures. Fast forward to 2016, people started to get BORED with these adventures and you'd barely see anyone playing them, except the New Jammers, of course. Just think about it: you love something so much, such as Oreo Cookies, and eventually get tired of them. You've eaten so many Oreo Cookies that you can't stand to eat another. This is how I'd describe Animal Jam's boring updates. Animal Jam is OBSESSED with Spikes, and all those other rare items. When they brought the first ever spikes to the diamond shop, everyone was excited and stock piled on them. Animal Jam eventually realized this was a GREAT way to make money. But now, it's super easy to earn diamonds in the daily spin, making players want to log on every day. I personally think the member daily spin is GARBAGE. The diamond shop was super special because you could get special items. But now, you just log on every day, get 3 diamonds, and in less than a week you can get a new animal. Even Animal Jam's new animals are boring. Their game is dead, just face is. I'd give Animal Jam Play Wild 1 year at most, and then it'll be dead too. I remember when I first started playing animal jam back in 2014 when I was 8 years old, it was the Jamaalidays. Something about that day makes me cry. I remember seeing the Arctic Wolves and wanting one so bad. Getting membership for the first time on my old Window Vista 7 Dell laptop? Ahh, those were the days. When roleplaying was fun? When Animal Jam wasn't turning the opioid crisis into the SPIKE crisis. I cry thinking of my old Animal Jam dies. It's sad to see the game go, but they did it to theirself.

  5. :( I remember those days. It's not that we've been growing out of animal jam, but animal jam just isn't the same anymore.
    I remember the days when non-members could get things like items and respect..
    When animal jam was about friendship, learning, and fun, not the company earning money and the players getting objects...
    I remember when I was small and didn't care for or understand rare items or let trends and peer pressure make me change the way I dressed and acted...
    It used to be about fun and sister bonding for me, and dressing up used to be a matter of having fun and expressing myself rather than showing off rareness and wearing rare clothes or being disrespected. I remember when we were all seen as equal and you didn't have to be a big, rare arctic wolf with a membership and big den to be listened to. When non-members weren't just "eewwwww, NM!!!" but real, caring people that were just there to have fun. I remember when families and roleplays were open to anyone, not just nonmembers and "rare jammers". Animal Jam has not only become less fun and more money-based and selfish, but in doing that inspired hate and exclusion in society. It has really brought out the evil in some people with all the scammers and disrespecting people on the game since people started caring about rare objects and who spends real money on the game. Why?? There is so much real bullying and discrimination and overall hate and exclusion because of having or not having unreal, virtual things. So much peer pressure! We'll have to hope they can at least save the Play Wild version. It's not just animal jam, but the mean players who have scared off most of this generation and probably the majority of many more generations.
    The game had so much potential and it was once such a kind, fun, educational, wholesome, wonderful place and society. All the educational videos are gone from theaters, too. It is rumored that National Geographic is leaving the game. Maybe NG was too disgusted with what animal jam has become. Such a beautiful part of our childhoods has been corrupted.
    Animal Jam is surely digging it's own grave, but is it over quite yet???


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