How dark the Summer Carnival games really are

Greetings Jammers. Today, I will share with you the dark parts of the; Animal Jam Summer Carnival 
You guys: :O 

Most Jammers go to the summer carnival having a good time.
But what they don't realize what they are truly doing. 

Whack a Phantom:
This game is pure cruelty!
Whacking innocent phantoms with a hammer. 
And what!? We hit the harmless ones and don't hit the ones that are clearly aggressive?  

Candy Catch:
Dropping candy and having someone catch them in a cup is harmless right?
But what else can we catch?
So some person drops candy along with phantoms.
And what happens when the player doesn't catch the phantoms?
Do they crash to the bottom and get shot up some chute, and then get thrown down again? 
Let me also point out that the phantoms are also hit by candy. And not all of this candy looks especially soft 

Dart Game: 
Who's the twisted person who made this game!? 
Shooting Phantoms with darts?
And let me point out (not pun intended) these darts are fairly sharp looking. 

And you guys are probably thinking:
"But the phantoms in this game are bad! They eat your arrows!"
Well that's because it's ether eat your arrows or be killed by one 

Dunk a phantom:
In this game we throw a small ball at a target, to dunk a phantom. And they don't look especially happy about this.
And then when you smash the target the phantoms get sucked down into the barrel! And it does not look pleasant at all (This picture was/is hard to get)  

And there is nothing dark I can think of about Phantom Ball
If you can please leave a comment!

Also, one more thing. Why do we get cotton candy in the shape of a phantom and eat it? 

We don't go to the candy store and get cotton candy in the shape of a human. 
And that is all I have to say about the Summer Carnival
For now ....
Think about what you do before you do it. 

*Husky Ninja 


  1. For Phantom Ball, the phantoms get crammed into tiny balls and get thrown into the holes/whatever it is, and the floor doesn't look especially soft, and it looks like once the phantom gets into the hole, when you land it doesn't look soft.

    1. Hmmm I need to take a closer look at the phantom balls.
      *Husky Ninja


    1. Thanks so much for the complement it means a lot! ^.^
      *Husky Ninja


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