Bath & Body Works Semi Annual Sale! *My Favorite Items*

Hey, Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! I have been thinking about what to post today, and I thought talking about the BBW sale would be great! For todays post I will be talking about what I personally feel are the best candles for this years sale. I will also be talking about some good hand soaps and wallflowers! So without any more delays, lets get started!


~Drink collection~

For this years summer time sale Bath & Body Works has released some amazing candle scents! These are the three candles from the drink collection that I really love, and they are banana split milkshake, summertime soda pop, and root beer float.

#1 Banana split milkshake

Banana split milkshake is probably my favorite one out of those three! It smells like creamy banana pudding mixed with vanilla wafers. So yummy!

#2 Summertime soda pop

My second favorite of the three is summertime soda pop. It smells exactly like sprite! Its a perfect scent for summer that you can't go wrong with.

 #3 Root beer float

Even though root beer float is third on my list, that doesn't mean I love it any less! This one smells just like a classic root beer float that you would get at any ice cream shop.

~Destination collection~

Bath & Body Works made candles with fun scents that matched their destination! Next up are my top three favorites from this collection.

#1 Chocolate & cannoli Italy

This one smells divine! It smells like rich milk chocolate and cookie wafers. It almost smells like brownies when its being burned. Delicious!

#2 London tea & lemon

This one is a close second for me! At first when I smelled it, I honestly didn't like it. But I got it because I needed to add something else to my purchase so I could use my $10 off of $40 coupon, and boy am I glad I got this! I am not a tea drinker, so I felt that the tea smell was too strong, but once I burned it, it wasn't as strong and it smelled great!

#3 Costa Rica rainforest passion fruit.

I really love this candle as well! It smells like fresh cut juicy pineapple to me, and its very strong! If you are a frequent candle buyer, you will know that most Bath & Body Works pineapple candles smell very artificial and just down right terrible, but I would say this is the best one they have made!

~Honorable mention~

I felt this candle was way to good to be left off of this post, so this one gets an honorable mention!

~Sweet cherry pie~

This one is absolutely delicious smelling! It smells like a freshly baked cherry pie that grandma would make. You can also smell the buttery crust from a pie while burning this one. I highly recommend it!

-Hand soaps-

I didn't buy lots of hand soaps, because I mostly stuck with candles. From what I did purchase, I feel these one were worth buying!

#1 Watermelon lemonade

I really love this one! It is very sweet smelling. I don't really get the lemonade part of the soap when I smell it, but its still a good soap!

#2 Fresh lemonade

Now this one is very true to its name! It isn't as sweet as I would like, but its still a great hand soap!


Now lastly I will be talking about my favorite wallflowers I found!

#1 Summertime soda pop

Yes, this one comes in wallflower form as well! It smells just like the candle, so if you don't feel like burning one, you can enjoy this scent in wallflower form!

#2 Coconut water

This wallflower smells great! It smells like coconuts with a hint of pineapple juice.

#3 Fiji white sands

This is another great one as well! It smells like sweet coconuts. Can't go wrong with this one either!

And that is all for todays post! I hope you all enjoyed! Comment down below if you went to the sale, and what your favorite items were! And if you haven't went, will you be going soon? Make sure you comment down below!

 Be sure to tune into my posts for next week, I will be covering for Gracie next Tuesday as well.

Here is todays verse.

"What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his very soul?" -Mark 8:36

As always, bye Jammer's! And ~Jam On!~


  1. Wow those sound all really cool! I really need to go to bath and body works this summer. To bad I missed the annual sale though...:( Unless it’s still on for another week then maybe I can go?

  2. Oh my, that spam comment. Apparently you did a Philippine post about a boxer and chickens. XDDDD

    I loved this post! Thank you so much for covering me!!

    Ooo, I smelled the root beer float one, and that smelled so good! It smelled exactly like root beer!

    The London tea one was probably my favorite out of the travel series. Reminded me of earl gray tea that my dad used to drink a lot. XD Now he drinks coffee a bunch.. Yesterday he drank about 4 shots of espresso. XDD

    I can’t use the hand soaps because my hands are super sensitive, but I got the watermelon lemonade hand sanitizer recently! I thought that one smelled pretty good!

    Awesome post!! :)

    Remember, God made YOU!

    1. That should be a boxer chicken spam comment blogger meme :oooooo (if that makes sense).


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