Interesting things at the Summer Carnival

Today was our last day of swimming lessons for the year! Today we did some races and sharks and minnows it was super fun :D 
Also me and Nas fell face first into the pool and yelled "THUUUD!"
And I think 2 people actually copied us o,o XDD

In this booth you see the dreadlocks, orange sandals, a yellow tale, and a raccoon tail.
But in the store, there are no dreadlocks or raccoon tails! 
There are no all orange sandals 
There are also no all yellow stegosaurus tails! 

(Why am I getting so many buddy request all of a sudden o,o)

I always forget about this game o,o I even forgot to do it for my Saturday post o,o Sorry about that guys! Ya know what? I'm going to do that right now.

Whack a Phantom Challenge: Play 3 games without hitting a red phantom (3 attempts)

First Game:
First round: Clear!
Second round: I FAAAILED

Second Game:
First round: Failed ...

Third Game:
First round: Clear!
Second round: Clear!
Third round: Fail :C

Question, Why did we take Phantoms prisoner, put them in a game in a carnival, and have people hit them on the head with a hammer? 
I suddenly really hate this game. 
Also I wonder if 52 tickets actually come out of the dispenser, thingy.

I never noticed this was a diving phantom XD

Me and Gracie were looking at these a few days ago. XD 
Top middle box: Cotton Candy
Left bottom chest: Phantoms for a magic show?
Bottom middle bag: Hmmm it reminded me of  that little marshmallow guy on the cake boxes.  

This cute little guy! :D
I suddenly want a plushie XD

Right box: balloons I'm not sure what's on the top. 

You have candy in your chimney.

You have more plushies then just those 4. Why did you double them on the bottom?

These lamp post just seem, not, right.
Oh look at that Jelly Wings blinked when I took the picture ^.^

Are those Post It Notes? o,o

Was this path here last year?
Also, Why is there cotton candy just sitting out o,o (A thanks to Housemom418 for pointing
 this out!)

Someone here has very bad aim.

And that is all for now! :D
A chance I might do a part two!
But now I need to take Trum Trum out and tire him out so he hopefully won't bark till 10:00 ...
He sounds like a monkey in his crate when he's yodeling and woo wooing as some people call it. It's hilarious! Maybe I'll send a video of it sometime. XD
Have a goodnight.
Sleep tight.
Don't let the bed bugs bite.
Now I lay me down to sleep I prey the Lord my soul to keep ---
Peace love ninja's!

*Husky Ninja 


  1. All I know is that "Now I lay me down to sleep I pray thee, Lord, my soul to keep Keep me safe all through the night And wake me with the morning light" is from the Dolly Style song Unicorns and Ice cream. o,o Idk, that's the first time I've ever heard that. (I just searched up the real version of the phrase btw so I'm good)

  2. I actually never noticed that chimney with tickets in itXD Not sure about the path...


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